domingo, 13 de agosto de 2017

Russian Team Wins 2017 International Army Games – Shoigu

By: Wording OD.

Russia won the first award of the annual International Army Games 2017, the country’s Minister Sergei Shoigu said.
Alabino Range (Moscow Region) — The Russian military took the first place in 19 contests, while the Chinese team won seven competitions. The Kazakhstan servicemen came the first in three contests. Also, the first place has been shared between two teams in a number of competitions.
"As a result of the 2017 Army Games, the rating in the unofficial medal count is the following: Russia is on the first place, China is on the second place, Kazakhstan is on the third place," Shoigu told journalists late on Saturday.

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Iran, Uzbekistan and Venezuela are also among the top-10 contenders.

Over 2,500 medals have been produced for awarding the participants in the games' 28 contests. The games closing ceremony took place at Alabino range on Saturday night followed by a concert and fireworks.
The 2017 Army Games have been held on 22 training areas in Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan and Russia, as well as in the Black and Caspian seas and the Sea of Japan between July 29 and August 12. Twenty-eight countries participated in the large-scale military contest.

Source: Army Games RU.

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