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Brazilian Marines may arm ASTROS CFN 2020 rocket systems with precision munitions

By: Wording OD.

The Brazilian Navy is considering arming its Avibras ASTROS CFN 2020 self-propelled protected multiple rocket launching system (ASTROS II Mk 6) with AV-TM 300 tactical cruise missiles and AV-SS 40G guided rockets being developed by Avibras.

No contract has yet been signed, but the purchase will be considered once the systems become operational, the navy told Jane’s on 20 July.
Development of the AV-TM 300 and AV-SS 40G was awarded by the Brazilian Army’s Manufacturing Directorate in 2012, as part of the service’s Strategic Program ASTROS 2020.
The ASTROS CFN 2020 is to be fielded by the Marine Corps Artillery Battalion’s Multiple Rockets Launcher Battery (Bia LMF) based at the Island of the Governador in Rio de Janeiro.

Source: Jane's Defense UK.

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